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The Power of a Year Verse: When God Gives You a Promise for the Year Ahead

Resolutions…some people live for them and others run from them. Setting intentions for the new year is important, even though the idea of setting a goal you may not reach is daunting to some. But what if, instead, you started your year with a promise from God through scripture?

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Look Back…Remember Where You’ve Come From

We all have things in our past that we are grateful for…. and some things we’d rather forget. But all of our experiences, relationships, and seasons helped shape who we are now and who we will be as people and leaders. But those things don’t have to define us. Today’s blog post invites you to consider parts of your past to learn from and parts to just let go.

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Seven Essentials of Great Missional Organizations

Cultivating a missional focus within your organization is crucial. But how do you do it well? We came up with seven essentials to weave into the DNA of your organization to help you succeed.

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