What to Do When You’re Standing at the Crossroads

Christian leadership coaching insights

“Which way should I choose?”



We’ve all asked ourselves that question in one way or another many times in our lives.  It would be nice if our life journey was a straight line that we could easily see and follow step by step.


Our reality is, of course, that this journey called life has many twists, turns, and unexpected choices that require us to choose wisely.


I have loved the promise of Psalm 32:8 and shared it many times with people;

“I will lead you in the way you should go…guiding you with My eye upon you…

along the best pathways for your life.” (my paraphrase)



Counting on God’s supernatural guidance is a great gift to us, but we also get to cooperate with Him in the discerning and deciding process.  After doing ministry profiles for hundreds of leaders over 20 years, I’ve learned some essential issues to pay attention to as we walk with the Lord. Those distilled lessons form the basis for my book “Fit & Flourish: Discovering How God Created You to Make a Difference”.  


Listen to the Lord’s promise to Jeremiah…

“Stand at the crossroads and look;

Ask for the ancient way,

Ask for the good path…

Walk in it and you will find rest for your souls…” 

(Jeremiah 6:16)


“Stand…look…ask…walk…find” …in Fit & Flourish, we help you look at your life from seven distinct perspectives to help you: 

Look Up…Say Yes to God’s Invitations

Look Back…Remember Where You’ve Come From

Look In…Know Yourself from the Inside Out

Look At…Clarify Your Why, How, Who

Look For…Identify Promises, Fruit, Doors

Look Around…Get God’s Heart for the World 

Look Ahead…Prepare to Finish Well


Each section covers four specific areas with timely truth from God’s Word, stories for your heart and practical coaching questions to help you keep moving forward with clarity as the Holy Spirit leads you.


The new Personal Journal/Group Study edition of Fit & Flourish has lots of white space to capture your insights. You can do it alone or in a group, in linear fashion from start to finish or choose any of the 35+ individual lessons that fits you best at the moment!


I’ll be introducing more ways Fit & Flourish can be a life-changing resource for you, especially when you stand at a crossroads.  You can purchase either edition of the book on Amazon or our website.


The Lord wants you to follow Him into the fit and flourish life He’s planned for you!