What Do You Mean…Assessment?

When I mention the benefit of the ministry of assessments, the response I get often looks like this: the person nods their head, but the look in their eyes says, “What do you mean…assessment?”


That’s a great question about a great ministry.  


At Fit & Flourish, the ministry of assessment is a vital part of our “A*C*T*S” Framework of 






At its heart, the ministry of assessment is a blessing to leaders, churches, and the people who live in our communities.  It flows from one of my favorite verses in the Bible…


Stand at the crossroads and look.

Ask for the ancient way…(the way every saint has walked)

Ask for the good path.. (personally designed for you by the Lord)

Walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls…”

Jeremiah 6:16


Stand. Look. Ask. Walk. Rest for your soul.


That describes the ministry of assessment when it’s done well.


When we do approach the ministry of assessment in an attitude of honesty and humility through an intentional process of mutual discernment with the guidance of the Holy Spirit…we get a picture of who we are as God sees us and what He created us for…we find His best for our lives.  


We fit and flourish. 

Churches and ministries can fit and flourish.  

Communities can find the transforming love of Jesus…families and neighborhoods fit and flourish.


That’s what we mean by the ministry of assessment.


In the coming posts, we’ll tell you more about assessment…the benefits, the process and some stories from people who have gone through our Fit & Flourish process.  Our hope is that you will not only understand the ministry of assessment, you’ll want to experience it for yourself.



Coach Yourself Forward

1. Have you ever gone through an assessment or some type of intentional evaluation?  If so, what was it like?


2. What resonated with you from Jeremiah 6:16?


3.  How would you describe “fit and flourish” for your own life at this point?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash