Tim's "Life Principles"

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"Life principles"...the simple essential truths that form the foundation of a life that counts for God. Out of my life verse, “Take root below, bear fruit above...” (Isaiah 37:31), flow my life principles.  I'd had some of them since I first became a Christian at age 16. Others emerged at Bible college. Some have come from great leaders I've admired and desired to emulate. Some have come from very difficult experience...brokenness is a great teacher! All of them became a "Life Principle" for me because the Holy Spirit first impressed and then etched them on my heart...they have become part of my spirit! They've also shaped who I am as a man of God, leader, husband, father, friend and teammate.

You can download this work in progress...I'm still learning! I'd love to get your feedback and hear some of your "life principles." Together we can make each other better--"as iron sharpens iron."

Here my first life principle---our family motto: “Have fun, do your best, let Jesus shine through you.” To download the rest of them, click on the link...I trust they will encourage your heart and stretch you!

Tim's Life Principles