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The Power of Empowering Leaders to Fit & Flourish: Ministry Affirmation Process (MAP) Testimonies

The Fit & Flourish model of assessment, the Ministry Affirmation Process (or MAP for short) has changed countless lives because it helps people understand their personalities better, see that God created them a certain way on purpose, and allows for a sense of freedom. God has used this process to spark something new or affirm things people have suspected about themselves for years but were afraid to explore.

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Leadership Assessment… Fit and Flourish Process vs. Pass/Fail Test

Assessment is a scary word sometimes because for many of us that sounds like being put in the hot seat where everyone judges you on skill or merit. It invokes feelings of being on trial. In today’s blog post we talk about all the different kinds of assessments and how they can make us feel. We also lay out for you what its like to experience a Fit & Flourish assessment.

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