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Advent on The Blog: The Christmas Lamb

Christmas is known as the most wonderful time of the year! We all celebrate it without question…but why? Christmas is the celebration of God Himself coming to Earth to live among us, to show us what life could look like, and ultimately to sacrifice Himself to repair the relationship between humans and Himself. We rejoice because Christmas brought hope, joy, love, and peace to a people starving to hear from their Creator after 400 years of silence. Christmas, in fact, not only broke that silence, but broke the barrier between us and God. That is why we celebrate!

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Advent on The Blog: The Wise Men

Even though Jesus was born into this world in the most humble manner imaginable, His birth rocked the whole region! Jesus birth grabbed the attention of kings and scholars. The Universe itself couldn’t keep the secret any longer and spilled the beans in the form of a star that drew in the Wise Men from the East. This is their story.

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