Seven Spheres of Support Every Leader Needs

In our last blog, we highlighted the team God gave Moses to accomplish his God-given mission. We asked you to identify God’s team for you. Now let’s look at similar issues from a different perspective. 


Introduce the topic of leadership and instantly you get a wide range of responses: definitions, characteristics, practices, principles…yet one area of leadership I rarely hear anything about is the kind of support every leader needs.


Seven Spheres of Support Every Leader Needs


1.   Covering spiritually—intercessors and prayer partners      

2.   Cherishing the family—spouse and children

3.   Caring for the heart—mentors and friends

4.   Collegial support—peers and area pastors

5.   Coaching for skills—continuing coaching

6.   Commitment to and from the system—supervisors and their organization

7.   Crisis assistance—counselors and specialists


Coach Yourself Forward

1. Which of these spheres of support are in place for you right now?  Which are not?  What will you do to make sure you have clarified your support in each of the seven spheres?

2. What kind of support do you provide for the leaders you influence and invest in?  How could you become a better support in different ways?


Extra Resource:  We have a great video to expand on the Seven Spheres of Support Every Leader Needs. This will help get a better handle on how to cultivate each sphere for yourself and those you lead.