Serving God's All-Stars

When we got to Guatemala City, we entered a world different than ours. Poverty is the norm. Traffic is congested continuously (OK, so that's like being at home sometimes). The needs speak to us from every side. 

We met the team we have been serving over the past three days. The folks of  New Life Advance International (NLAI) run New Life Children's Home (NLCH) here. When an earthquake devastated the nation over 40 years ago, the Lord burdened an American to help the huge numbers of children displaced, abandoned, abused or in other desperate situations. NLCH now educates, loves, trains, and shares the love of Jesus with over 400 children through their school. Over 50 kids live on campus. A team of American missionaries and Guatemalan leaders make it possible.

It occurred to me that we are working with a team of Kingdom All-Stars. NLAI people are amazing in what they do, where they do it, and who they are. Yet, very few people even know about them. 

God's Kingdom All-Stars do work mostly hidden from the world, but they are famous in heaven. They aren't visible and recognizable on earth but are well known where it really matters.

We are honored to serve a team of God's All-Stars here in Guatemala. We are equipping them to fit and flourish personally and as a team. They are a delight to work with. We've worshipped, prayed, processed, laughed and learned together.


Thank you to all who pray for us as we serve leaders around the world through Fit & Flourish. Thank you to those who support us allows us to travel and serve those who usually can't afford specialized training. God's All-Stars are worth it!