Roehl Report - August 2014

Sometimes the World Comes to Us…

Tim training field leaders

Working with a ministry team that serves in over 70 nations with over 187 partners powerfully reminds us of how big, wide, varied and wonderful God’s world is…and how great His love is for every person!

Each summer, “the world comes to us” at OMS Headquarters.  For us, it’s an exciting time to get to know and work with leaders from dozens of nations.  Over a period of about a month, we only slept in our own bed about three nights as we went from one event to another.  Each event gave us fresh ways of appreciating the wealth of knowing leaders from all over the world.  I have coined a phrase that I find myself saying often:  “Big Kingdom, small world!”

With Japanese Leaders at General Conference

Here’s a few ways “the world came to us” in the recent weeks:International Missionary Advisory Council—Key regional leaders from around the world and our affiliate nations come together for strategic planning.  It was great to think, pray and plan with these leaders to be more effective in our ministry.Missionary Council Retreat: field leaders and their families from many countries came together to strengthen relationships and spiritual refreshment.  We shared a house with Ian and Josie Bongers and their two kids…Ian is the Executive Director of OMS Australia.  We had delightful time with families from several other nations, including Ukraine, “East Asia,” Canada and Hungary.   Missionary Council—Shirley was instrumental in the preparation for these meetings. Tim led training on three days to help equip field leaders to work more effectively with their teams.  We had the privilege of hosting two leaders in our home from Korea and Bob & Suzanne Warren who serve in Japan and Korea.OMS Board Meeting—this is one of Shirley’s main meetings of the year!  She does many hours of preparation and resourcing the members of the OMS Board.  Tim assisted Shirley and also participated in some meetings of OMS Board members and missionary leaders.  We also welcomed Bob Fetherlin and his wife Esther as our new President.Evangelical Church General Conference—On to Portland, OR!  We spent time with many leaders we've known and worked with for over 30 years, including leaders from  Bolivia, Japan, Brazil and all over the US. Family Time/Coaching Ministry—We also got to spend a few days in Yakima, WA, to see our family and assist a church planting team Tim is coaching.  A bit of vacation blended together with ministry.

OMS International Conference

In addition to that, we moved our daughter Elise’s earthly possessions from Iowa to Minnesota.  She’s now living in our home in Blaine…the house she grew up in!  She begins a Master’s program in Organizational Leadership in September…a new season begins for her!  We also got to see friends and family, speak at a church we pastored and take part in the funeral of a dear friend, Darlene Irwin, who helped us plant ChristLife Evangelical Church almost 24 years ago.“…Sometimes We Go to the World!” Tim has two international trips in August and September to Haiti and Mozambique.  He will equip leaders in those two nations with coaching and church multiplication skills.  Both are new nations for Tim to serve in!


August 6-8        Tim Main speaker at National Church Multiplication Conference, Evangelical Friends Church at Barclay College, Kansas 10-16     Tim training leaders in Haiti 21-25     Family trip to Minnesota

With Warrens & Korean Leaders

September 2-15      Tim training leaders in Mozambique 17-20     Tim training at “Ignite” Conference Grace Covenant Leaders, Kansas City 24-27     Tim & Shirley at Missio Nexus Conference, Atlanta 29         “Fit and Flourish” Grip Birkman training, Wesleyan North Indiana DistrictThanks for your support! Want to give a special gift to support our ministry?  You can help with Tim’s international travel which can be expensive.  Your gift or ongoing regular support allows us to serve all over the world.  For more info, got to  Your prayers are just as valuable!

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