Roehl Report 2014...Transitions, Travels and Thanks

Tim and Shirley 1st Christmas

Tim and Shirley 1st Christmas

"Only ask Me, and I will surely make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession."  (Psalm 2:8) That's been my 2014 Year Verse. Receiving a "year verse" has been part of my spiritual rhythm since college days.  Every year the Lord gives me a promise that becomes an anchor to keep me grounded in tough days and a promise to invite me to trust Him every day, stretching me to receive all He has in His good plans.  My 2014 year verse has stretched me in some wonder-full ways.  He invited me to ask Him for the nations...that's a lot to stretching in prayer!  I've been praying for the nations like never before, especially with the help of a world prayer map (you can get one at  I've also traveled to and ministered in more nations than ever before.  God's invitations take us amazing places!

Another part of our family rhythm has been sending out a family Christmas letter.  We've been married 34 years...that's a lot of family letters!  Here's a picture of our 1st Christmas...just after we got engaged!

This year has been especially good...with "transitions, travels and thanks" being our major themes.  If you'd like to read our family letter, feel free to down load it at:  Roehl Christmas 2014

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