Roehl Family Christmas Letter 2015

We've been doing it 35 years now.  Each year we capture the highlights of our year in a family Christmas letter and send it to friends and family far and wide.  As the years have gone by, our family has grown larger and we now live farther apart, but always close  in our hearts! We've had a wonderful year...a year with  "new" things...

Christmas nativity

Christmas nativity

A new son-in-law when Tim Morris marries our daughter Elise this coming January 16th!

A new home and new church for Aubrey, Dylan, Ian and Xavier as they moved to Dylan's hometown of Marshalltown  Iowa and planted "Restore" Church.  They are doing a great job!  The boys are awesome.

We sold our home on the north side of Indy and moved to a new (to us) home on the OMS campus in the souther suburb of Indianapolis.

We traveled to new countries (for Shirley, at least).  After a trip to Taiwan this coming February, I'll have ministered in 10 countries in the past 16 months.  That much  international travel is new to me...but I love it!

Hope your year has given  you many  "new" opportunities to experience God's love,  power and grace.  He makes life worthwhile now...and forever!  And...His  mercies  are new every morning!

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Merry CHRISTmas and a Blessed  New  Year!

Tim and Shirley

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