The Positives and Problems of Laser-Focused Leadership: Part 2

The Problems of Laser-focused Christian Leadership



There are many positives to laser-focused leadership, as we discussed in last week's blog.  Through them, much gets done.  However, there are some real problems with laser-focused Christian leadership as well. 


1. Laser-focused leaders have trouble seeing any point of view other than their own.  

Laser-focused leaders and tunnel vision…the two go together.  Because it’s hard to see or hear any perspective than their own, they can come across as dismissive of other’s ideas.  When their vision is challenged, they can become defensive. Laser-focused leaders don’t listen well. If they did, they’d have a much fuller, wiser picture of their initial vision.


2. They can use people as a means to their own ends.

The old saying, “Love people, use things” can become “Use people to accomplish my vision” for laser-focused leaders.  Rather than honoring and developing the people on their teams, they can see people as a means to accomplish their own dreams. Laser-focused leaders don’t always value people.  Often they have a lot of people coming and going because of the way they treat those they lead.


3. They can promote their own agenda instead of Kingdom priorities.  

Laser-focused leaders sometimes focus so much on their own agenda and building their own empire that they lose sight of God’s bigger plans and His Kingdom team.  If they are not careful, they readily accept resources and help from others, but not be generous in return because their needs are more important. They can become isolated doing their own thing rather than taking their place on God’s team and working for His greater purposes.


4. They can cause pain that minimizes what they produce. 

Because of their laser-focus and style, they can often devalue, dishonor, and wound people around them.  It’s often justified because they feel that what they are doing is so important that anything or anyone else must follow or get out of their way. If a laser-focused leader in an upper organizational position is insecure, it can be disastrous to not only the people around them, but it can kill the fruit and ministry they want to produce. 



Laser-focused leaders do indeed have glaring weaknesses.  I know…I recognize all of them in myself.  I’m very grateful to God for His patience and persistence with me. He’s the Ultimate Laser-focused Leader…all positives and no negatives! I’m also thankful for the people who have been willing to talk to me face to face and heart to heart about my weaknesses so I could address them.  They’ve prayed for me and been patient with me.  The old saying “I’m not where I want to be, but thank God, I’m not what I used to be” is true.


Laser-focused leader—humbly let God work on your weaknesses.  Whether they come from selfishness, insensitivity, or insecurity, these problems must be humbly acknowledged and addressed.  People who work with laser-focused leaders must be willing to respectfully, courageously, and graciously help them see what it’s hard for them to admit.  Yet, as God patiently cleanses, matures, and stretches a laser-focused leader into His image, He can not only produce more fruit through them, but they can leave a legacy of being respected and loved by the people around them.

Coach Yourself Forward

1. If you are a laser-focused leader, how much did you identify with the problems we described? What are you willing to do about them?

2.  If you work with a laser-focused leader who is hurting themselves and others because of these problems, be willing to pray for them and have the kind of conversation that can make a huge difference in their life and leadership.  It will be hard, but worth it.


Photos by Drew Beamer  and Enoc Valenzuela on Unsplash