The Positives and Problems of Laser-Focused Leadership: Part 1

The Power of Laser-Focused Christian Leadership

“If we only had more leaders…”


I hear that often from organizational leaders.  What they are usually saying is that they are looking for a certain kind of leader…leaders who get things done.  Some have described that kind of Christian leadership as “laser-focused”. Sometimes they don‘t realize what they are asking for.  


Leaders come in many shapes, sizes, and styles.  One of our values at Fit & Flourish is to help every person come to know and appreciate how God has wired and gifted them to influence others.  Every style has strengths and weaknesses.  We are at our best when we leverage our strengths and humbly acknowledge our weaknesses, adapting to the needs of those we lead and serve.


I’ve assessed, coached, and trained a lot of laser-focused leaders…leaders who are often on the leading edge of starting new ventures or initiating change.  I have many of the characteristics of being a laser-focused leader.  Because laser-focused leaders are often upfront (literally or figuratively), their qualities (positives and problems) are often more noticeable.  If you are a laser-focused leader or work with one, it’s important to comprehend the qualities and intentionally apprehend ways to be most effective with those you lead or work with.  Let’s look at some of the positives of laser-focused leaders…



1. They have a clear picture of what they want to accomplish.  

There is a point to everything they do, hence they can be described as laser-focused. Their vision and goals are very clear to them.  Because things are so clear to them, they often inspire people to follow them to dream and do great things with them.


2. They persevere despite opposition and obstacles. 

Laser-focused leaders thrive on challenges.  They aren’t afraid to take risks. They may acknowledge opposition from others or other kinds of obstacles, but it doesn’t deter them from staying true to their vision and mission.  When others are ready to quit, they persist until they succeed.


3. They can place people for effective service.  

They often have an instinctive understanding of how to place people where they will be effective in achieving plans that are bigger than any one person.  When they are wise, they multiply their efforts through others.


4. They are productive. 

Laser-focused leaders get things done. Sometimes they do it by themselves, sometimes they bring together a team, but they often leave fruit that lasts beyond them.  When they are Kingdom leaders, they give honor and glory to God for all He has done through them.

Laser-focused leaders have a unique wiring and distinctive spiritual gifts.  They are rare. Thank God for them!  Without them, many great works would not be achieved.


Coach Yourself Forward

1. When we described laser-focused leaders, who came to mind?  What were your initial reactions to that kind of leadership?

2. If you are a laser-focused leader, how can you wisely leverage your positives?  If you work with one, how can you help them be at their best?