Partners Every Moses Needs

When people talk about great leaders like Moses, they often forget that accomplishing a great calling is never a one-person endeavor.  God always provides a team for His leaders that match the needs of that leader and the necessity of that calling/vision.  



Consider Moses:

  • Started as a prince, but became a prisoner to his fear because of his failure (Exodus 2:10-15)

  • Spent a lot of time hidden on the backside of the desert preparing for his call. (Exodus 2:23-25, 3:1)

  • Struggled with insecurity, inferiority, anger, and a speech impediment (Exodus 3:2-4:17)


Now consider the team of partners God provided for Moses:

  • “I AM”—Yahweh, who causes all things to be, the Covenant Promise Maker, Provider, Protector, Present with us, Powerful One…the issue is never whether He is willing to be our Partner, but whether we are willing to be His. (Exodus 3:14 and following)

  • Reuel (“friend of God”) — also known as Jethro(abundance, excellence). We all need a “friend of God” who encourages us, mentors us, coaches us, blesses us, and believes the best for us. They have an abundance mindset and inspire us to excellence. (Exodus 2:16,21,4:18, 18:1-27)

  • Zipporah — Moses’ wife. She chose to walk alongside him in his calling. Because she knew him so well and loved him so much, she was willing to say some hard things to him that would have endangered their family and God’s mission. (Exodus 4:24-26)

  • Aaron (“Light-bringer”) — A brother who brings light into our situations and strengths for our weaknesses. (Exodus 4:14-17, 27-31)

  • Aaron and Hur (“White cloth”) — prayer partners who bear your burdens and help hold you up as you intercede for others. (Exodus 17:10-13) They provide spiritual covering and protection!

  • Joshua (“Yahweh is the Savior”) — an apprentice to mentor, coach, and train to succeed you in leadership. (Exodus 17 and forward)


Coach Yourself Forward

  • As you consider God’s calling in light of your strengths and needs, who are the people God is providing for you like He did for Moses?

  • Which of these roles are you filling for others God has placed in your life?


We all need God’s team around us…we all need to be a part of God’s team for others!