Game Plan Updated!

Game Plan cover

Game Plan cover

A revised and updated edition of "Game Plan: Developing Intentional  Missional Ministry" is now available! To order it online from Amazon, click here, or you can contact Tim directly at  for bulk orders.

Here’s what “Game Plan: Developing Intentional Missional Ministry” covers:

“Seeing” through the Father’s Eyes

  • Our Singular Aspiration—His Mission

  • His Spiritual Authority—Our Power

  • Our Mission Field—They’re Waiting

“Shifting” to Align with the Father’s Purposes

  • Form Missional Priorities

  • Make Missional Shifts

  • Activate Strategic Intercession

“Studying” Your Mission Field Redemptively

  • Gather Statistical Insights

  • Survey Spiritual Dynamics

  • Check the “S*o*I*L”

“Shaping” Your Church for Missional Engagement

  • Let Your Mission Field Shape Your Strategy

  • Learn How You Fit and Flourish

  • Link Community Needs with Church Strength

“Serving” that Meets Needs and Opens Doors

  • Design a Missional Calendar

  • Discern Missional Partners

  • Develop Missional Bridges

“Storytelling” that Makes Good News Real

  • Translate His Story at Church

  • Tell Your Story

  • Tell Your Church’s Story

“Spreading” Grace to New Places

  • “Who”—Looking with an Acts 1:8 Mindset

  • “Where”—Following the Spirit’s Lead

  • “When”—Ministry Flow Charts and Timelines

Appendix A:  Coaching Guideline

Appendix B: Scriptural Insights About Missional Ministry

Appendix C: Game Plan Worksheets (see links below)

Appendix D: “Spy Teams” process

Here's what some leaders are saying about Game Plan:

“I greatly appreciate “Game Plan” for us in working with missionary development in the Caribbean. I was looking for a practical guide for ministry development for any context and I found it in “Game Plan”. Since it is practical and biblically based, it is well received and useful across cultures. Since it has a story line, it is easy to follow in a practical way.” - Richard Yoder, One Mission Society Caribbean Field Director

“What a joy to find a road map with "Next Steps" to encourage building Great Commission Churches through Great Commandment living. Game Plan achieves this well.” - Gary E. Wright President, World Renewal Int'l; Evangelist, Evangelical Friends Church; Community Church Missions

“Practical! Practical! Practical! The narrative approach and breadth of resources make Game Plan a must have, practical resource for engaging the Great Commission in meaningful, missional ways. Every lay person, pastor, missionary and church planter who is serious about making disciples will find this to be a useful resource. This is a book to order by the case to share with others in your personal efforts to make and multiply disciples.” - Rev. Bob Ransom, US Ministries Director, The Missionary Church

“Game Plan is a game changer. The coach approach in every chapter allows readers to immediately develop a community impacting Game Plan. If you desire to reach a community for Christ this book will prove to be more valuable than any seminar you have ever attended.” - Sam Farina, Assemblies of God USA Coaching Task Force Leader.

“Game Plan is a must read for anyone struggling to make sense of church life or who longs to fit and flourish in God’s Kingdom. Tim Roehl provides a delicate balance of coaching, coach training, and clear and helpful teaching. It was easy to follow the conversation Roehl provides, replacing Tom’s name with my name. His story overlaps my story. Maybe yours as well. Having first hand exposure to Tim and his coaching and teaching ministry, Game Plan is about as close as you can get without flying him in for the weekend. It’s an easy read. But you will want to linger over each section until it becomes yours. Read it. Read it with others.” - Rev. Les Cool, Pastor, Director of Church Planting for the Evangelical Congregational Church

“Tim Roehl masterfully accomplishes his goal to create a ‘coach yourself forward’ resource manual! His questions for personal self-reflection or team discussion stimulate vision and discernment, and the appendices provide biblically-based missional strategies rich with application…all this in a book that is highly engaging and adaptable to the reader’s own pace.” --Dr. Wayne Schmidt, VP Wesley Seminary, Indiana Wesleyan University

"Game Plan is not for cowardly leaders who wish to play it safe. It is for those brave souls who are willing to get out of the bubble of "doing church as usual" in order to make a difference in their community and beyond. You will find this self-coaching guide practical and relevant for creating a missional culture in your church." - Mark O Wilson, Pastor, Author of “Purple Fish” & “Filled Up, Poured Out”

I love the story Tim uses to get across his message. It captures your attention and makes the development of missional ministry come alive through the characters Tim has developed. He makes it a very practical, step by step process without it feeling like it. For me what makes his message even more tangible, is having had him for a coach myself. Tim isn't just writing a book - he is sharing his heart for developing people and changing lives. This is the real thing, and so is he. - Rev. Ray Van Gilst, District Superintendent with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Central Pacific District

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Game Plan Worksheets

Here are downloadable worksheets from the “Game Plan” book that will help you coach yourself to action steps: