Look Up: Fit & Flourish Book Launch Blog Series

This is what the Lord says:

“Stand at the crossroads and look;
    ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
    and you will find rest for your souls.

(Jeremiah 6:16)


Our Fit & Flourish process flows from this incredible promise from God.  



In the book Fit & Flourish: Discover How God Created You to Make a Difference (both regular and Journal/Group editions), we help you take a look at your life one “look” at a time.  Each section covers four key questions to coach you to more clarity.   Here’s our first “look”…

1.  Look Up…Say Yes to God’s Invitations

  • How do you “see” God?

  • How do you understand God’s will?

  • What does God want for me?

  • How do you best relate to the Lord?


How do you “see” God?  Everything flows from who you think the Lord is…and it all goes back to the Garden.

In Genesis 1-3, we are introduced to two views of God through two different voices.  Depending on the voice you believe, you will choose one of two views of who God is and what He’s like.  



What was true in the Garden is still true today. Myriads of generations have come and gone since then, but the human heart is still the same.


Voice #1: God’s Voice telling us and showing us who He is. We learn He is…

1. Great (Genesis 1:1) “He spoke…and it was so.”

2. Good (Genesis 1:10,12,18, 25, 31) “…and it was good…” He wants what is best for you.

3. A Generous Giver (Genesis 1:28-30, 2:22) He gives His best to us.

4. God’s goal is to share His nature with us, conform us to His image, bless us so we can bless others! (Genesis 1:28-29) 


Our response to a God like that?  We choose a relationship of loving trust with Him and abundant generosity toward others.


Voice #2: The Serpent’s Voice twisting who God is. He hisses…

1.    God is not good…He can’t be trusted…He’s a taker…He doesn’t want what’s best for you.

2.    His goal: Don’t trust God, trust yourself.  This leads to sin….selfishness… scarcity… stinginess…robbing glory from God.


Our response to a God like that?  We have a hard time trusting God.  We live a life of practical atheism.  “We believe in God but behave as if He doesn’t exist.”  We become selfish and stingy because we have a scarcity mindset.



Coach Yourself Forward

1. What are your thoughts about the “Two Voices/Two Views” approach to seeing God?


2. Which voice do you tend to listen to most?  Why?


3. How can you be intentional about hearing God’s Voice more often and more clearly?