Look Out…Get God’s Heart for the World

Insights from our Fit & Flourish workbook on Christian leadership coaching

How big is your world?


Many people and churches tend to sing along with the famous Disney song, “It’s a Small World After All”. In other words, they tend to pay attention to, care about, invest in, and reach out to only those things that affect them directly. If it doesn’t fit into their small area of attention, it doesn’t matter to them.  Theirs indeed is a small world.



But…God’s world is BIG! All over the Bible we find that God loves the whole world…so much that He sent Jesus to give His life and win victory for every tribe, tongue, color, and culture.  Every single person is of infinite worth to our Heavenly Father! Every single person should have the opportunity to understand His love for them and be able to choose the abundant and eternal life Jesus offers everyone everywhere.


In Acts 1:8, Jesus described the scope of where He wants Spirit-filled witnesses to go…

“Jerusalem”—people like us and near us…

“Judea”—people like us but not near us…

“Samaria”—people not like us but near us…

“The ends of the earth”—people not like us and not near us.


I’ve been in hundreds of churches and ministry settings…and all too often I see churches and Christians only concerned about their Jerusalem…and sometimes they only care about themselves.


If we are to fit and flourish, we’ve got to have God’s heart for the world!  We’ve got to see the world as He sees, feel about the world as He feels, pray for the world with His yearnings, and serve the world as He sends us.



In the chapter “Look Out…Get God’s Heart for the World”, from Fit & Flourish: Discover How God Created You to Make a Difference, Personal Journal/Group Study Edition, we blend statistical insights, personal stories, and penetrating questions to help us get a “check-up” on our heart for God’s world…

See      How can you get God’s heart for the world?

Feel     What needs in God’s world stir passion in you?

Pray     How are you praying for others?

Serve    How are you serving now?


As you lay your head down to rest tonight…ask God to help you see, feel, and pray for the billions of people who have never even had a chance to hear the Good News about Jesus. When you wake up…ask Him how you can join Him in reaching the world He loves so much and longs to redeem.  Join Him in His mission…we need you!



Coach Yourself Forward

1. How aware are you of the needs in your own Jerusalem?  How can you learn more about what’s happening where you already live?


2. Two great apps you can download are “Operation World” and “Unreached of the Day”.  Both give you information, perspective, and prayer prompters for entire nations and people groups around the world.


3. How are you serving the Lord locally with a global perspective in mind?  Because of migration around the world, the Lord is bringing the world to our doors.  How will you be a part of what God’s doing?



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Photo by Love Your Neighbour on Unsplash