Look For…Identify Fruit, Promises, Doors

Insights from our Christian leadership coaching workbook Fit & Flourish

Ever been on a treasure hunt?


I bet you have…it all depends on how you define “treasure”.   All around us we can find what is of great worth…if we know where to look.



In this chapter of my book Fit & Flourish: Discover How God Created You to Make a Difference, Personal Journal/Group Study Edition, we’ll give you four ways to discover how God’s been treasuring you and preparing you to find what is of great worth in others.


  1.  Fruit: What fruit do you bear consistently? We’ll help you look at four kinds of Biblical fruit that show how God is at work in and through you.  

  2. Promises: What promises are you hearing from God? You can either live “promise to promise” or “problem to problem”.  We’ll empower you to identify, personalize and activate God’s promises. You’ll also make a list of the promises God’s been giving you…so you can step into His fit and flourish life.

  3. Arrow: How is God stretching and sharpening you? “He made me into a sharpened arrow…”(Isaiah 49:2) God is so wonderfully deliberate and divine in how He shapes and sharpens us for His use! Using a heart piece I wrote called “Arrow”, you’ll learn how God’s been sharpening you.

  4. Doors: What doors might God be opening?  God’s doors are His openings to opportunities and possibilities! Sometimes you find His openings because He’s closed another way.  You’ll get keys to discerning God’s doors.  As you pay attention to God’s open doors and activate His promises, supernatural possibilities could be ahead!  



You are God’s treasure!  He can use you to find His treasures all around you…when you know how and where to look.




Coach Yourself Forward

1. As you look at your life, how does God use you consistently to influence others…both through who you are (character) and what you do (conduct)?  Those your initial indicators of how you bear fruit. What comes to mind?



2. Read the heart piece called “Arrow” based on Isaiah 49:2.  How do you relate to God’s sharpening work in your own life?



3. What doors might God be opening for you in these days?



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