Look At…Clarify Your Why, How, Who

Insights from our Christian leadership coaching workbook Fit & Flourish

Start with Why is a recent best-selling business book by Simon Sinek. It’s becoming a vital principle for businesses and leaders that want to succeed in today’s marketplace. It’s also an essential part of understanding how Jesus wants you to fit and flourish. How come? If you focus on your…


“What”: What you do or what you make may sound important, but it doesn’t fuel you for the long haul.


“How”: How you do things may relate to effectiveness or efficiency, but “how” tends to change. The “how” of today may become the “not now” of tomorrow.



But…clarify your “why” first and everything else will fit into its proper place because your “why” starts in your heart.  In this chapter of Fit & Flourish: Discover How God Created You to Make a Difference, we help you get clarity on some vital issues starting with your “why”.


1.     What’s your motivation?  

Your “why” starts in your heart. We’ll help you look at three different views of leadership that enables you to identify how you truly view others.  We’ll also describe the differences between someone who wants to build their own empire and those who want to be a part of building God’s Kingdom.  At the center of your heart is your motivation…self or Savior? Your “why” makes all the difference.


2.     What’s your strongest ministry orientation?  

Are you more pastor/shepherd or planter/starter?  We all tend to gravitate toward what comes naturally to us. Some of us are more people-oriented and naturally care for others. Others are more task-oriented and enjoy starting things and accomplishing goals.  Some have a blend of both.  When you know your ministry orientation, it helps clarify what type of ministry role will fit you best.


3.     What’s your best contribution on a team?

Fit and flourish people are not just “me” people…they are “we” people and “He” people. Using a wonderful tool called “Your Leadership Grip”, we’ll help you discern and describe how you best fit on a team in a simple way. Knowing how you add value to any group or team…and who you need on a team with you adds to not only your effectiveness, but multiplies your team’s overall fruitful work.  


4.     What inspiration are you hearing from others?

When God wants to confirm His desires for us, He often speaks through others…and He speaks in different ways.  We’ll help you look at your life so you can pay better attention to what Jesus is saying to you through others.  It’s a wonderful way to not only “look” at but “hear” God’s words of destiny.



Coach Yourself Forward 

1. “Start with Why”…how would you describe what motivates you?  Although other’s can’t see your heart, what might they say based on their observations of your words and actions?



2. When we asked whether you were more “pastor” or “planter”, you may think about position more than orientation.  Remember God uses us regardless of what “position” we may have.  What’s your first impression of what your ministry orientation might be?



3. Who has spoken into your life most powerfully? What have they said that has stuck to your heart?  What seeds of destiny may be in their words?


Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash