How God Heals Spiritual Cancer, Part 3

Let’s finish our look at the keys to how God heals spiritual cancer…and more!

5. Rebuke the accuser.  In the midst of the pain, we are also in the midst of spiritual warfare! Satan whispers to us that bitterness is justified. He wants us to stew in the caustic juices of bitterness, anger and unforgiveness.  He wants people to be divided. Nothing good ever comes from that!  He will often attack when we are weary or weak.  For me, just as I’m trying to fall asleep has been a common time when he attacks with accusation, slander, and deception.  People in recovery ministry have taught me the “H*A*L*T” principle--that we must especially on guard when we are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. Be particularly aware of the devil’s attacks in those times.

We don’t need to put up with that!  We have the authority in Jesus to rebuke, bind, and remove our enemy.  Claim God’s promises, such as Isaiah 54:17and I John 4:4. Stand up to him and he will flee as I Peter 5:8 declares. Jesus has already won the battle…stand in victory.


6. Ask God to redeem the pain.  God redeems pain in supernatural ways.  

* He shows areas of our lives that need His cleansing and maturing, refining us like pure silver. (Psalm 105:19, Revelation 3:18)

* He deepens our dependence on Him, rooting us more firmly against any storms that may come (Psalm 1).  

* He comforts us as only He can and comforts others through us. (II Corinthians 1:3-5).  

* He also uses others to help us in our healing… “A friend loves at all times, and a brother/sister is born for adversity.” (Proverbs 17:17) 

Thank God for His “redeem team”!  Make sure to thank them…and be available to be part of God’s “redeem team” for others in need. 

God can and does heal us of spiritual cancer in ways that make us better and able to bless others—even those who have hurt us. It’s been said, “Hurting people hurt people.”  It’s also true that “forgiven people forgive people… blessed people bless others.”  It’s your choice.


7. Declare God’s reign in everything.  God’s always up to something bigger!  Declare the victory of Jesus even in the worst of circumstances, stay close to Him as He works and He will glorify Himself as well as heal you. 

He can restore relationships.  Woo people to Him who don’t know Him as they watch you handle injustice with His grace and you’ll influence people far beyond those you can see…all to His glory!

Let God be God!  He is good.  He is gracious.  He is generous.  He generates supernatural healing…making all things HIMpossible.  (Psalm 46:1-10)


Coach Yourself Forward

  • How are you cooperating with God?  Cancer doesn’t heal itself…we need others and God to be whole and well.  What are your thoughts about the keys to healing I shared? Where do you need to cooperate with God?  Who has God placed in your life to walk with you as true friends?  Don’t forget to thank them.
  • How are you declaring God’s reign in the midst of your pain?  You can view the situation from your own limited perspective or stand with God and declare His victory above and beyond all you can ever ask or imagine! (Ephesians 3:20,21)   Do you part…trust God to do His…and believe that out of our disappointments the Lord will make divine appointments and deliverance.