How God Heals Spiritual Cancer, Part 2

Dealing with spiritual cancer takes very intentional choices on our part to cooperate with God as He does His part. He’s doing it with me…here’s what He’s been teaching me:


1. Return to Jesus.  All healing starts with Jesus.  On the Cross, He died for the sins we commit and the sins others commit against us. I begin by standing before the Cross, thanking Jesus for the mercy He’s given me.  Then I bring the one who hurt me and have them stand next to me. Jesus reminds me that if He can forgive me for my sins, He can also empower me to forgive those who have sinned against me. (Ephesians 4:32) Focus on the One who heals and forgives us, not the ones who hurt us.


2. Remember, it takes time for the emotions to catch up with the will.  Healing spiritual cancer comes when we intentionally choose to receive God’s forgiveness and release forgiveness to others.  Choose to forgive whether you feel it or not.  Keep choosing…and you will increasingly experience God’s peace affirming your choice to forgive.  When your emotions catch up to your will, you will experience God’s peace and healing in an ongoing way.  Keep at it…it often takes time.


3. Repent where you are responsible.  We have to take responsibility for what we have done that contributed to what happened.  God’s helping me do that.  Yet, we can give in to the pain of betrayal—battling thoughts, saying words, and choosing actions that wrong.  When that happens, we can’t blame our choices on what others have done.  We have to own up to our decisions, turn back to God and ask for His forgiveness and power so we won’t think/say/do those things again.  Repentance brings us back to the healing love of God.  Repentance involves ongoing choices to turn TO our Healer and FROM those who sin against us.


4. Release the situation into God’s hands.  When dealing with physical cancer, I chose to put myself in the hands of the doctors who treated me.  It included intentional surgery and ongoing treatment.  Cancer doesn’t heal itself, we need the help of others.  With spiritual cancer, keep releasing the situation into God’s hands…and then keep your hands off!  Let Yahweh Raphe, the Lord our Healer, do His precise, purifying surgery.  Promises like Isaiah 49:4 and others reminded me that God is our Vindicator and our Reward… and He does a better job than we can in those areas. 


Coach Yourself Forward

  • “Where do you stand?” We said that forgiveness begins with what Jesus did for us at the Cross. First, we stand to see what Jesus did for us and to receive His forgiveness, then we bring (in our mind and heart) those who have sinned against us to stand with us at the Cross so we can forgive them as Jesus forgives us. How would you describe where you stand right now?

  • “How are you doing in taking responsibility and repenting?” This requires our own honest, humble reflection and sometimes hard-to-hear feedback from others. The line between “me” and “them” can be blurry when it comes to taking responsibility. It’s been said that “we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions.” Where you are guilty, own it. Repent. Where you are not, don’t be burdened with false guilt. Reject it.