How God Heals Spiritual Cancer, Part 1

Consider what cancer does to the human body: diseased cells grow by feeding on healthy cells until the whole body is affected. Untreated, it can cause death.


Consider what spiritual cancer does: a wrong, injustice, betrayal or other sin against us wounds us in our emotions and heart.  That wound, left untreated, can become bitterness, unforgiveness and a desire to vindicate ourselves by hurting the people who hurt us. It too can be deadly.

The cure for spiritual cancer

Hebrews 12:14-15 reminds us to seek to live at peace with others as much as is possible with us, made possible through trusting dependence on God’s holy love. If we don’t, the result can be a “root of bitterness” a spiritual cancer that poisons us and many others.  It can result in death in the emotional, mental, relational, physical and spiritual realms.


Spiritual cancer in ministry settings

For example, it’s especially difficult in a ministry setting. It has always puzzled me how people who love God can see things from such opposite perspectives at times. When that happens in a Christian organization, positional leaders sometimes use their authority to make decisions that deeply wound people. When people are wounded deeply and even feel betrayed, it can open doors emotionally and spiritually that make them vulnerable to spiritual cancer.  It’s happened to me…and many of you have gone through similar experiences. Yet I know God can guard us against and cure us of spiritual cancer!  He’s been teaching me the keys to healing in the battle against spiritual cancer.  We’ll look at those keys in our next two posts.


Coach Yourself Forward

  • What is your response to the reality of “spiritual cancer”? How have you seen the effects of spiritual cancer in others? In yourself?

  • What’s your story? How did it the example I used remind you of similar situations in your life? How will you let God into your story before you get spiritual cancer?