How God Heals Physical Cancer

I recently heard the word from a doctor no one ever wants to hear: cancer.  Those who have also heard that word respond in many ways: fear and dread, resolve and resilience, perspective and peace.


When the news came, God gave my wife Shirley and I peace that passes our human understanding.  We know we are in His hands.  We’ve been humbled and overwhelmed with hundreds (that we know of) telling us they are praying for us.  God provides His team in every situation!  They support us in ways we will never know until we get to heaven.


I’ve had surgery and done next steps of treatment.  God has been keeping us close in our waiting. The doctors will do their best to treat the disease.  I’m grateful to have wonderful medical professionals using their skills on behalf of my healing. 


Yet, I know that God will heal my cancer!  That may sound strange in light of reality that I’ve lost some close family members to cancer in various forms. But when we see life from God’s perspective, cancer never wins!  God is the Ultimate Healer when we are in His hands.  We can tell God “hands off, I will handle my own life as I see best” or we can say, “I’m putting my life in Your hands Lord, because You know best”.


How does God heal cancer?  Scripture gives us three perspectives:

1. God can heal instantly through supernatural healing.  Not only is it a great blessing for us, it is a powerful statement of His power and love to others.  When Jesus healed people supernaturally, it was always the prelude to people being saved spiritually.  People want to put themselves in God’s hands when they see how strong He is!


2. God can use the intermediaries of human doctors, medicines and intercessors.  In nature and in training, He provides medicines and medical people to assist Him in His work. It is part of their calling and a part of the way He shows His compassion relationally. His touch often comes through others.


3. God ultimately heals completely and eternally.  The best healing comes when the Lord takes away our worn out body here on earth and gives us a new, glorified body in heaven.  The new body will never get sick, worn out, or age.  Because our perspective is limited on earth, He gives us His ultimate perspective through His Word, especially in 1 Corinthians 15 and 2 Corinthians 5:1-10.  When we see with an eternal perspective, no matter what happens on earth, we know Who wins in the end!


Coach Yourself Forward

  • Whose hands are you in?  You can know for sure that you are in God’s saving, healing hands by coming to Him with an honest and humble heart,  confessing your sins and asking for His forgiveness, and choosing to put yourself in His hands as your Savior.  If you are not sure about this, please reach out to us, we’d be happy to help you learn more.
  • What is your perspective?  We looked at three perspectives of God’s healing that are grounded in the rock-solid timeless truth of God’s Word.  What is your response to those perspectives?
  • Who can you encourage?  Who can you pray for and encourage with God’s healing perspectives? Do it soon!