"Fit and Flourish": Tim's Newest Book is Out!

"Fit and Flourish: Discover How God Created You to Make a Difference", Tim's newest book, is now available!  This is his distilled wisdom from 30 years of working with leaders around the world a resource for leaders new to discerning God's calling or ministry veterans seeking direction for His next season. You were made to fit and flourish!

Fit--This is where I belong. Flourish--this is what I'm made for!

Let's discover where you best fit and flourish...and make the biggest difference in the lives of others for God's glory. We'll blend seven ways to look at your life so you can have the "aha" moments of clarity when God speaks destiny into your life.

Look Up...Say Yes to God's Invitations
Look Back...Remember Where You've Come From
Look In...Know Yourself from the Inside Out
Look At...Clarify Your Why, How, Who
Look For...Identify Promises, Fruit, Doors
Look Around...Get God's Heart for the World
Look Ahead...Prepare to Finish Well

Scriptural principles, real-life examples, reflective writings and coaching questions will all help you go on a journey of discovery and clarity. Do it with others...but especially walk with the Holy Spirit as He leads you!

Click on Fit and Flourish to order it now online at Amazon in paperback. A Kindle version is coming soon!  If you are interested in getting multiple copies at a discount, you can contact Tim directly.

Here are some endorsements for "Fit and Flourish"...

“Tim has devoted his life to helping others to “fit & flourish.” The coaching provided in this book is relevant whether someone is initially exploring ministry or seeking greater clarity after years of ministry. His insights are infused with encouragement that keep you motivated to seek God’s best for you!”

--Dr. Wayne Schmidt, General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church

"If you're someone considering your calling-- whether for a season or a lifetime--and want to spend some time reflecting on how God has wired you and prepared you, Fit and Flourish is worth the read."

--Dr. Bob Logan, Author, Trainer, World-renown expert on leadership, www.loganleadership.com

“Tim's writing style is right up my alley. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I want books for those I coach or oversee that are simple tools, yet with real depth. This is such a book. His use of the coaching questions contained in each chapter are timely and help you interact with the challenge of each chapter. I believe this book is going to become a hallmark tool for discovering the call of God in believer's lives and then putting in place a healthy plan to get to that calling.”

--Dr.  Ray Van Gilst, District Superintendent for the Central Pacific District, C&MA.

“Tim Roehl has done it again! With the heart of a shepherd, the eye of an artist and the toolbox of a craftsman, Tim’s newest book, Fit and Flourish, will help you find your niche and grow in effectiveness. But be warned, his practical, potent and provocative insights will not let you off the hook with "five simple steps” or “imagine your way to greatness.” No, this is high octane, no nonsense counsel from one of the best in the world at helping leaders do just as the title says, “fit and flourish.” If you’re wondering about your next step, or wanting to grow as a person and as a leader you will do well to pick up a copy today. You will be glad you did, because you will never be the same.”

--Tom Clegg, Clegg Consulting Group, Des Moines, IA