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Transformissional Coaching
Transformissional Coaching

Here are a number of short, practical videos that introduce and illustrate coaching as Steve Ogne and I wrote about in "TransforMissional Coaching" and use to train coaches all over the world. Click on the links to view the videos...may they help instruct and inspire you to become a great coach! "What is "TransforMissional Coaching"?   In their ministry with CRM Tim Roehl and Steve Ogne have coached hundreds of leaders from over 100 denominations and organizations and trained thousands of ministry coaches. TransforMissional Coaching describes the essentials of our value for coaching with a goal  to create a culture of empowerment on every level of a denomination or organization through the ministry of coaching.

1. Understanding Coaching--DefinitionsWhat is coaching? Here are some simple definitions that form a foundation for understanding the ministry of coaching. For the PowerPoint, click What is Coaching?

2. Seven Habits of Great Coaches Here are the seven habits/skills of great coaches.  The first three are what the coach does for the leader and the last for are what the coach helps the leader do for themselves.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #2 Seven Habits of Great Coaches

3. 4 "C's" of Holistic, Missional CoachingCoaching involves the whole life of a leader. Here are  the "4 C's" of holistic and missional coaching to help coaches pay attention to what God is doing in a leader's life. For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #3-- 4 C's

4.How to Become a Great Listener Listening is an essential skill for great coaches.  Here are some tips to become a great listener.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #4 How to Be a Great Listener

5. How to Ask Great Questions Asking great questions that lead to discovery and clarity is the flip side of great listening. Great coaches know how to do both. Here are the keys to asking great questions.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #5 Asking Great Questions

6. The G*R*O*W Game Plan for CoachingEvery coach needs a game plan so that the leader they coach will discover and develop their own game plan to move them forward. Here's  the G*R*O*W game plan for coaching. For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #6 GROW Coaching Game Plan

7. Getting to Reality  The "R" of our G*R*O*W coaching game plan, here's tips to help the person you coach paint the clearest picture of their current reality.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #7 Getting to Reality

8. Generating OptionsThe "O" of our GROW coaching game plan is to coach the leader to discover and discern the options to accomplish their goal. Here are practical tips to help generate options as you coach leaders.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #8 Generating Options

9. Developing Action StepsThe "W" of our GROW coaching game plan is "Will"--helping the leader clarify what they will do. Here's how to coach a leader to action steps with S*M*A*R*T goals.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #9 Game Plan--Developing Action Steps

10. The Biblical Basis for Coaching The heart of great coaching is thoroughly Biblical. Here's the Biblical foundation for coaching. For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #10 Biblical Basis for Coaching

For further information about coaching, you can purchase Tim and Steve's book "TransforMissional Coaching".  Click here for the link to Amazon.