Coaching Tips #4: Asking Great Questions

Asking Great QuestionsKey Questions as You Establish the “G” of G*R*O*W

  • What progress have you made on your action steps since our last visit?
  • What result would you like to get from our visit today?
  • What would you like to focus on as we visit today?

 What Do Questions Do For the Leader?

  1. The value the leader.
  2. The engage and involve the leader.
  3. The center the discussion on the leader’s world.
  4. They release the leader’s best reflections and insights.

What Do Questions Do For the Coach?

  1. They help the coach shut up and listen.
  2. They empower the coach with information.
  3. They take pressure off the coach.
  4. They focus the appointment in a significant direction.

The Practice of Asking Great Questions

1.  Great questions are holistic.  Great coaches show that they value the leader personally, not just their contribution to ministry (Remember our “4 C’s—Call, Character, Community of Faith and Culture).  Also, remember the makeup of the leader (DISC) as you coach!  

2. Great questions are easily understood.

3.  Great questions can be answered briefly.

4. Great questions are open-ended and help “paint a picture.”

5. Great questions encourage thought and reflection. “A pregnant pause often gives birth to great insights.”

6. Great questions enable self-disclosure.

7. Great questions do not manipulate or humiliate, but elevate.

“Good coaching isn’t the art of giving good answers.  It’s the art of asking good questions.” (Bob Logan)

“It would be easy if any old question would do—BUT IT WON’T.”  (John Whitmore)

Action Point:

 What insights did you learn about the importance of asking great questions?

 How can you improve your skills when it comes to asking great questions?

From: “TransforMissional Coaching" Coaching Clinic

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