Coaching Tip #6—“Generating Options”

"O" In our G*R*O*W Coaching Path, let's look at the "O": What are our Options?

Goal of the “O”— Divine Creativity

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Key to the “O”— Asking “What else?”

Often what appears to be only a couple options quickly becomes a list of 8-10, of which one “rises to the surface” under the direction of the Holy Spirit…there’s always one more option!

1.  Here’s the coach’s “moment of truth”…

  • Will I try to solve the problem, or guide the leader to discern and discover the creative options that become our solution?
  • Can I resist the obsessive urge to “tell them what to do, because I have the right answer,” or will I help the leader create a list of alternative strategies or courses of action?
  • Ask, “What are our options here?” and then be quiet!  Remember, “A pregnant pause often gives birth to great insights!”

2. Identify false assumptions:

  • “It can’t be done…”
  • “They’d never agree to try that…”
  • “We tried it before and it didn’t work…”
  • “We’re not ready for that…”
  • “We can’t afford that…”

3.  Challenge false assumptions, by asking the "Flip Question that can turn obstacles into opportunities:  “What if…”

  • “You have enough money?”
  • “You had more staff?”
  • “You had the answer to that question?”
  • “That obstacle wasn’t there?”

4.  Let the leader come up with as many options as possible.  Two great option questions are "In what ways could you..." and "What else?" Only offer your options after you’ve asked permission:

  • “May I share a thought or two about this?” 
  • “Have you considered…”

5.   When you’ve generated a good list, ask “What of these options appears to be our best course of action?”  Let the leader choose…it shows that you trust them and helps them take responsibility.  It is very empowering.  If you are not comfortable with their choice, ask questions to help the leader think through the consequences of that choice.  This moves you to the “W” (What will you do?). 

 From: “TransforMissional Coaching" Clinic

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