Coaching Tip #2 Wholistic and Missional Coaching in 4 C's

Coaching Tips #2 “Wholistic and Missional Coaching in 4 C’s”

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 As we seek to empower leaders through the ministry of coaching, remember that we are coaching leaders in a holistic and missional way.  We must enter the leader’s world and seek to empower them in four areas of life and ministry, what we call “Missional  and Wholistic Coaching in 4 C’s”:

Two Key Questions as we consider the “4 C’s”…

 Where is God working?

 What “C” are we in right now?

1. Clarifying Call (vertical—our relationship with God)

Coaching the “C” of “Call” includes issues such as…clarity of personal call, personal and ministry passion, gifts and role match, personality and leadership role, spiritual life and growth, “season” of journey.     Good questions:  What’s your “sweet spot” where you best fit and flourish in ministry look like?  How much time are you spending in your sweet spot?

2. Cultivating Character (vertical—our relationship with God)

Coaching “C” of  “Character” includes issues such as…personal growth, family life, spiritual issues and growth and character issues.  Good questions:  Where is God shaping your character right now?  What are your growing edges in your spiritual life right now?

3. Creating Community (horizontal—our relationships with others, especially in our church)

Coaching the “C” “Community of faith” includes issues such as… how do we create effective ministry environments, authentic ministry relationships, potential relationships and practicing hospitality. Good questions: How do we create community?  How do maintain healthy community?  What areas of your community are healthy?  What areas needs attention?  Where might we be in need of better balance?

4. Engaging Culture (horizontal—our relationships with others, especially engaging and blessing our culture redemptively)

Coaching the “C” of “Culture” includes issues such as:  awareness of surrounding environment, secular trends and effects on ministry, community of faith’s impact on culture and personal engagement of culture.  I don’t go to “engaging culture” very often.  Good questions:  Where is God at work in your “mission field” right now?  How are you personally engaging people redemptively?  How are you equipping your team/people to engage their culture redemptively?

Remember: You don’t have to hit all 4 C’s in every coaching visit, but be aware of where you are.  Also, you will tend to gravitate toward particular “C’s” that are natural or part of your passion.  The person you coach will also gravitate toward what is natural and comfortable to them.  Be aware of this…and make sure you stay holistic in your overall journey with that person.  Coach according to their needs, but make sure to coach so the whole person is equipped and empowered.

As coaches, we enter the world of the's about them, not about us!  We prayerfully discern where God is at work in their life and seek to cooperate with Him!  May God's Spirit guide you as you coach!

To download the Word doc of this coaching tip, click here: Coaching Tips #2 4 C's

Dr. Tim Roehl