Coaching Tip #1 "Seven Habits of a Great Coach"

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“Seven Habits of a Great Coach”  As we seek to empower leaders through the ministry of coaching, remember seven essential skills of coaching…what we call “Seven Habits of a Great Coach”:

 1.  Listen—“he who answers before listening…that is to his folly and shame”. (Proverbs 18:13) 

 2.  Care—personally, prayerfully, appropriately.

 3.   Celebrateministry progress, personal growth, our great God!

 4.   Strategize—overcome roadblocks, optimize resources, “order” priorities, orchestrate plans sequentially.

 5.   Train—demonstrate skills, diverse resources, debrief activities.

 6.   Disciple/Develop—character growth, personal guidance and balance.

 7.   Challenge—clarify goals, confront when needed, confidence to excel, confirm “next steps.”

 Action Points:

 Which of these “habits” come most naturally to you?

 Which of these “habits” take the most work for you?

 From: “TransforMissional Coaching Clinic”

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