Christmas Hearts: "The Gift of Joy"

Christmas Hearts cover front

Christmas Hearts cover front

"Something was missing...something that he had been secretly looking for a long time. What was it? Happiness? No, that wasn’t quite the right word. He was happy or sad depending on the circumstances around him, but he was hungry for something deeper, more powerful than just the temporary highs of good feelings. He wanted something not dependent on what was going on around him. He needed something more than a feeling. So...what was it, then? He just couldn’t seem to put his finger on it, but when he found it, he knew he’d recognize it." One of reasons Christmas is still so powerful in our culture is because the Person and promises of Christmas speak to and meet the deepest longings of people's hearts.

When you speak to people's longings, you'll  always be relevant.

When we're listening, you'll find that the Lord is always speaking to our deepest needs, desires, dreams and longings.  Because we're  made in His image and because Jesus came to restore us to a redeemed relationship with Him, only He can fulfill those longings.

In this story from "Christmas Hearts", you'll meet a shepherd whose individual longings are universal.  In his story, you may very well find your own story.  In meeting Christ, his story was forever changed.  We you and I meet Christ, our stories are forever changed, too.

Hope  you enjoy this you read "The Gift of Joy", may your heart be nourished with Advent awe.

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Merry CHRISTmas!