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I am a grateful graduate of Leighton Ford's Arrow leadership program.  Arrow's vision statement was to help younger leaders "lead more like Jesus to lead more to Jesus"-- and my Arrow experience forever changed my life. The "long" version of Arrow's vision is on a card I still carry with me wherever I go-- "God calls us as Kingdom leaders to be led more by Jesus, knowing Him and understanding His ways, to lead more like Jesus, enabling His people to be a reconciling community, to lead more to Jesus, serving His redemptive purposes in our generation."

I learned a great deal about how God shapes leaders and the seasons of a leader's life through Arrow. One night about 1 am I woke with the theme verse of Arrow (Isaiah 49:2 "He has made me into a polished arrow...") on my heart. I began to reflect on how the Lord has shaped me...and this piece came up from my heart. You can click on the link to download it.

How has the Lord been shaping your life? How well do you recognize His ways in His supernatural and eternal shaping/sharpening process? It's vital that we pay attention to this...so much rides on us discerning and learning God's work in and through us!

As I finished my Arrow experience, I was walking with Leighton, thanking Him for all Arrow had done for me. "Words are not enough to express my thanks," I said. "I want my life to be my thanks."

I'll never forget the look on Leighton's face as he turned to me...smiling, eyes twinkling. "We're counting on it," he said.

Let God shape and sharpen you...others are counting on it!