Five Differences Fit & Flourish Leadership Makes

What if…

  • You could intentionally use your personality, gifts and skills in ways where you’ll make the greatest impact for the Lord in multiplied lives.
  • You were part of a team where each one serves where they are most effective...where goals are met but even more, people are honored and empowered.
  • Missional ministry flows from passionate love for Jesus, flowing from and focusing on meeting the needs of those in your mission field instead of running programs. 

That’s the power of Fit & Flourish leadership, teamwork, and ministry!

A commitment to Fit & Flourish leadership is a game changer.  Here’s five crucial differences Fit & Flourish leadership will make for you personally and organizationally:

1. Personal—our greatest value lies in our people. When we start by valuing people with a priority to invest in them so they fit and flourish, we’ll find that God trusts us with more great people.

2. Relational—beyond “me” is “we”.  When individuals are able to Fit & Flourish and are committed to a cause greater than any one person, relationships and teamwork can be built on respect, trust, appreciation, and real collaboration.  “Teamwork makes the dream work” becomes more than a slogan… it becomes ongoing synergy and reality.

3. Missional—Great Leaders and organizations strive to create a life-giving balance between people and task orientation.  Fit & Flourish leadership prioritizes people first, but in a way that shows them how they will make the largest contribution to the mission. “Me” and “We” leads to “Others”.

4. Intentional—Fit & Flourish leadership never happens by decrees from above or slogans on a wall.  The journey to becoming a fit and flourish leader, team, and organization is not easy.  In many ways, you’ll have to resist the temptation of succumbing to current conventional wisdom, easy shortcuts, and the tyranny of the urgent.  But, the payoff is exponentially better…worth working and fighting for!

5. Potential—Culture (my working definition is “the way we do things around here”) ultimately matters more than vision statements, strategic planning, and daily tactical decisions. Fit & Flourish is value driven, which influences every dimension of who you are and what you do.  A commitment to fit and flourish leadership makes it possible for individuals, teams and entire organizations to reach their full potential.  The supernatural progression of “Me”…”We”…”Others” leads to “HIM”. God gets the ultimate glory…and in the end, that’s what matters most.

What I describe is possible, but not common.  Our mission at Fit & Flourish is to provide you with the resources, coaching, and equipping you want for a fit and flourish life and ministry. 

If your response to these thoughts is…”Yes, but how?” then let’s go on a journey together.  You can get regular posts and check out how we can serve you by signing up here.


Coach Yourself Forward:

1. How would you describe the current culture you work in?  What factors contribute to that description?

2. What words would you use to describe what “Fit & Flourish” looks/sounds/feels like for you?