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Unleash Your People with a “Fit & Flourish” All-Church Experience

Create an eight week journey of discovery, clarity and destiny for your people…God created us to make a difference!


We are all Created for Eternal Impact

What could happen if everyone in your church went on a shared journey yet each one discovers how to “fit and flourish”!? My latest book, “Fit and Flourish:, is designed to empower you for that purpose.. As pastors and church leaders, we believe that every person in your church was uniquely created by the Lord. Our issue is often knowing how to help them discover and live out their calling…a “fit and flourish” life.  With my new book “Fit & Flourish: Personal Journal/Group Study Edition”, you can lead your church family to discover where they fit and how they can flourish in what they do. If you're looking for a resource to help your church take the next step in making an impact, our Fit & Flourish all-church experience can help!


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Your preview includes the 1st chapter of our updated Fit & Flourish workbook.

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ABout the book

Our Personal Journal/Group Study Edition is an interactive workbook that can help your people explore seven ways of looking at their lives. Each “look” includes inspiring stories, timely truths from God's Word and practical coaching questions.  You can study each major “look” in any order, or even choose specific topics throughout the book. Our “Fit and Flourish” book can be personalized to best suit your needs individually or as part of a group. During this 8 week study, they'll discover how to: 

  • Look Up...Say yes to God's invitations

  • Look Back...Remember where you've come from

  • Look In...Know yourself from the inside out

  • Look At...Clarify your why, how, who

  • Look For...Identify promises, fruit, and doors

  • Look Around...Get God's heart for the world

  • Look Ahead...Prepare to finish well



Meet Dr. Tim Roehl

Dr. Tim Roehl fits and flourishes when he leads leaders to discovery, clarity, and destiny for the sake of eternity. He's assessed, coached and equipped leaders from over 75 nations as a pastor, church planter, missionary, author, and trainer. Tim and his wife Shirley lead Fit & Flourish. 

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Make the most of our fit & flourish all-church Experience Resource kit

Discover the power of your church experiencing Fit & Flourish together. An all-church campaign can be challenging to pull together. In our all-church experience resource kit, we've made it a little simpler. When you purchase our resource kit, you'll receive: 

  • One or more cases of the Fit & Flourish Group Study Edition

  • An 8-week sermon outline plan

  • Our Fit & Flourish bumper video

  • Our Fit & Flourish 16 X 9 slides

  • Our Fit & Flourish Powerpoint templates for your messages

Our "Fit and Flourish” experience kit will equip you to lead your people through a life-changing study of discovey, clarity and destiny.  

Get started with our Fit & Flourish Experience Resource kit.

If you're ready to provide the tools your church needs to build community and make an impact, then Fit & Flourish may be just what you're looking for. Getting started is simple. Download our free pastors kit for a sample of what you'll receive or contact us and we'll be in touch with everything you'll need. 

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