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Missional ministry training

Most church leaders know how to "do church," but struggle to be missionaries to their own communities. We'll equip you to find God's game plan to reach your mission field.


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equipping you with tools for ministry

Based on Tim's book, Game Plan: Developing Intentional Missional Ministry, our ministry training is adapted to your unique needs and provides an interactive process to apply what you're learning. 



(where I belong)


Fit Benefits

○ Discern your best contribution
○ Cultivate confidence in how you are wired
○ Discover your spiritual gifts
○ Blend your wiring, gifting and skills so you       can fit and flourish!



(what I'm made for)


Flourish Benefits

○ Increase personal effectiveness
○ Strengthen team chemistry
○ Develop contextualized ministry
○ Grow cross cultural skills

training options

Interactive training experiences for small-to-midsize groups up to 250 people.


For ministry leaders and their teams

  1. Individual Missional Disciple-Making Training
  2. Game Plan Training – Developing Intentional Missional Ministry
  3. Coaching Skills Training
  4. Fit and Flourish Training
  5. Team Building Training 
  6. Organizational Culture Training
  7. Grip Birkman Coach Training 
  8. Church Planting Training

For marketplace leaders

  1. Game Plan – Strategic Planning Guided Session
  2. Game Plan – Strategic Planning Guided Retreat
  3. Coaching Skills Training
  4. Organizational Culture Training
  5. Team Building Training
  6. Birkman coaching and team building


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Blog Posts About Coaching

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