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leading you to discover your fit in ministry

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meet dr. tim roehl


Ministry coach, trainer & author

With his wife Shirley, Tim has worked in ministry for over 35 years and uses his experience in ministry to help leaders clarify and discover how they can best make an eternal impact. Tim has served as an urban restart pastor, law enforcement chaplain, suburban church planter, denominational leader, missionary, author, coach and trainer with leaders from over 75 nations and 75 organizations. When he's not coaching ministry leaders, you can find Tim living out his family motto "have your best...let Jesus shine through you." 

Tim's ministry

Tim is on W.A.T.C.H. to equip and encourage you through Writing, Assessing,Training, Coaching you with Heart. Through his ministry assessments, coaching, training, and strategic consulting, he helps leaders like you to discover where they fit and how to flourish in life and ministry.


The ACTS pathway

Our process for helping leaders find their ministry fit and flourish for eternity. 



We start with a ministry assessment not as a pass-fail test, but as a mutual discernment process. 



Our coaching will help you clarify and discover your best fit for ministry and your next steps for making an eternal impact. 



Based on my book Game Plan: Developing Intentional Missional Ministry, our ministry training will equip you to flourish as you serve God's kingdom.  


Spiritual Strategy

Combining Holy Spirit led discernment with strategic planning will give you clear next steps when it comes to flourishing in ministry.  

equipping you with values you can trust


Biblical, missional, and universally applicable


Simple and understandable


Practical and doable


Reproducible in order to multiply


Affordable so we can do a lot


Accessible so we can get it when we need it



Sustainable so it lasts beyond a person or a program

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